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Final Program

Schedule, order of presentation and lecture titles

Schedule on GMT Time (Portugal and UK +1, CET +2)


    Time Topic - ROOM 1 Topic - ROOM 2
    08h00 - 08h15 Congress Opening
     • Nikolaos Nikitakis (President EAOM) and Antonio Azul (Chair Local Organizing Committee)
    08h15 - 09h00 “Crispian Scully Lecture” by Peter A. Brennan (UK)
     • Human factors - the art of applying common sense at work when treating oral cancer
    09h00 - 13h00

    09h00 - 13h00
    OPMD and oral cancer
    Moderators: Antonio Azul and Saman Warnakulasuriya

     • 09h00 - The public health program for oral cancer detection in Portugal – Pedro Trancoso (Portugal)
     • 09h25 - Screening for OPMDs and oral cancer – Giovanni Lodi (Italy)
     • 09h50 - Adjunctive tools in the diagnosis of OPMD with a focus on contact endoscopy – Luis Monteiro (Portugal)
     • 10h15 - Risk stratification of oral leukoplakia – Saman Warnakulasuriya (UK)

     10h40 - 11h00: Break

     • 11h00 - Oral lichen planus as an oral potentially malignant disorder – Miguel Gonzales Moles (Spain)
     • 11h30 - Sentinel lymph node biopsy in the management of oral cancer – Abel Garcia (Spain)
    12h15 - Discussion

    09h00 - 11h00
    Medically compromised patients. New insights in...
    Moderators: Pedro Diz Dios and Konstantina Delli

     • 09h00 - management of solid organ transplant patients – Jukka Meurman (Finland)
     • 09h25 - management of patients with head and neck cancer – Marcio Diniz-Freitas (Spain)
     • 09h50 - ...oral features of rheumatic diseases – from disease activity to drug adverse events – Luis Gueiros (Brazil)
     • 10h15 - ...antibiotic prophylaxis prescribing for medically compromised patients undergoing invasive dental procedures – Martin Thornhill (UK)
     • 10h35 - ...the association between periodontal disease and diabetes – Francesco D’Aiuto (UK)

     11h00 - 11h15: Coffee Break

    11h15 -
    Oral Presentations (research)
    Moderators: Michael Escudier and Filipe Freitas

     • 11h15 - Development of a multi-cellular tissue engineered model of oral lichen planus - Asma Muftah Mohamed El Howati (UK)
     • 11h30 - Expression profiling of miRNAs in Oral Lichen Planus - Heba Mousa Ali (UK)
     • 11h45 - Predicting malignant progression in oral potentially malignant disorders by DNA ploidy analysis: a prospective study comparing oral leukoplakia and proliferative verrucous leukoplakia - Monica Pentenero (Italy)
     • 12h00 - Next-Generation Sequencing Profiles of the RNA Transcriptome in Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells in Young Female Patients with Temporomandibular Joint Osteoarthritis: possible contribution of immunological dysfunction - Jeong-Hyun Kang (Republic of Korea)
     • 12h15 - Expression of pancreatic transcription factors by minor salivary gland stem cells. A challenge for insulin-secreting b-cell lineage trans-differentiation.- Dimitrios Andreadis (Greece)
     • 12h30 - Oral cancer prediction by noninvasive genetic screening - Jos Poell (the Nederlands)
     • 12h45 - The genetic profile of oral leukoplakia and its relation to malignant progression. - Leon Wils (the Nederlands)
     • 13h00 - Mucosal immune response in BNT162b2 COVID-19 vaccine recipients - Lorenzo Azzi (Italy)

    10 min presentation + 5 min discussion

    13h00/14h00 13h00 - 14h00 - Lunch Break 13h00 - 14h00- Lunch Break
    14h00 - 17h00

    Immune mediated oral diseases
    Moderators: Marco Carrozzo and Jairo Robledo

     • 14h00 - Immunobiologic therapy for MMP – Michele Mignogna (Italy)
     • 14h25 - Immunobiologic therapy for PV– Jane Setterfield (UK)
     • 14h50 - Oral microbiome and immune-mediated oral diseases : Aphtous stomatitis – Karolin Hijazi (UK)

     15h15 - 15h45: Coffee Break

     • 15h45 - Microbiome in Sjogren's syndrome – Arjan Vissink ( the Netherlands)
     • 16h10 - Current concepts in the topical treatment of OLP – Nathaniel Treister (USA)
     • 16h35 - Current concepts in the systemic treatment of OLP – Marco Carrozzo (UK)

      17h00 - Discussion

    Clinical Pathological Session
    Moderators: Marco Meleti and Pedro Trancoso

    14h00 - Case 1. Intra/extraoral swelling. Contributor: Arvind Muthukrishnan (India) – Discussant: Ronell Bologna-Molina (Uruguay).
    14h20 - Case 2. Gingival enlargement. Contributor: Umberto Romeo (Italy) – Discussant: Vasilis Theofilou (Greece)
    14h40 - Case 3. Gingival ulcerations. Contributor: Kıvanç Bektaş Kayhan (Turkey) - Discussant: Ana Carolina Fragoso Motta (Brazil)
    15h00 - Case 4. White and red patches/erosions. Contributor: Andrea Maria Schmidt-Westhausen (Germany) - Discussant: Stefania Leuci (Italy))
    15h20 - Case 5. Erythemathous gingival lesion. Contributor: Rosa María López Pintor Muñoz (Spain) – Discussant: Maria Georgaki (Greece)
    15h40 - Case 6. Palatal ulceration. Contributor: Amanda Willis (United Kingdom) - Discussant: Monika Schwaninger (Austria)
    16h00 - Case 7. White and red patches. Contributor: Maria Bankvall (Sweden) – Discussant: Jumana Karasneh (Jordan)
    16h20 - Case 8. Oral swelling. Contributor: Karin Garming-Legert (Sweden) – Discussant: Sangeetha Yogarajah (United Kingdom)


     16h40 - Discussion




    Time Topic - ROOM 3 Topic - ROOM 4

    Oral Presentations (Research and Clinical) 24h/24h

    Poster Presentations 24h/24h


    Time Topic - ROOM 1 Topic - ROOM 2
    08:00 h. - 11:00 h.

    08h00 - 11h00.
    Molecular aspects of oral leucoplakia and their influence on its diagnosis and management
    Moderators: Camile Farah and Barbara Carey

     • 08h00 - Prognostic biomarkers of oral leukoplakia: evidence and outcomes from systematic reviews. - Antonio Celentano (Australia)
     • 08h25 - Correlation between molecular markers and histopathological features of oral leukoplakia. - Nikolaos Nikitakis (Greece)
     • 08h50 - Diagnostic microRNA profile of oral leukoplakia. - Tami Yap (Australia)
     • 09h15 - Molecular biomarkers of malignant transformation in oral leukoplakia. - Michael McCullough (Australia)
     • 09h40 - Salivary metabolomics and oral leukoplakia. - Marco Meleti (Italy)
     • 10h05 - Exomic and transcriptomic profile of oral leukoplakia; have we arrived at a paradigm shift? - Camile Farah (Australia)

    08h00 - 11h00.
    Oral presentations (clinical)
    Moderators: Antonio Azul and Athanasios Poulopoulos

     • 08h00 - Paraneoplastic mucous membrane pemphigoid - Sangeetha Yogarajah (UK)
     • 08h15 - Assessment of patient-clinician agreement on information needs about oral epithelial dysplasia - Abdullah Alsoghier (UK)
     • 08h30 - Burning-fog: Cognitive impairment in Burning Mouth Syndrome - Daniela Adamo (Italy)
     • 08h45 - Lesion-related determinants for surgical treatment of oral leukoplakia: Oral Medicine Practitioners’ attitudes - Samuele Sutera (Italy)
     • 09h00 - A service evaluation of treatment of erosive oral lichen planus at Newcastle Dental Hospital - Samuel McCarthy (UK)
     • 09h15 - Patterns and predictors of recurrence in oral leukoplakia: An immunohistochemical study - Maria Georgaki (Greece)
     • 09h45 - Salivary Gland Hypofunction and/or Xerostomia Induced by Non-Surgical Cancer Therapies: ISOO/MASCC/ASCO Guideline - Valeria Mercadante (UK)
     • 10h00 - The development of Proliferative Verrucous Leukoplakia on a background of Oral Lichen Planus: A case series - Caroline McCarthy (UK)
     • 10h15 - Cheilitis Glandularis: A series of 14 cases with emphasis on etiopathogenesis. - Evangelia Piperi (Greece)

    10 min presentation + 5 min discussion


    10:45 h. - 11:00 h. Break Break
    11:00 h. - 13:00 h. General Assembly of the EAOM Room closed
      13:00h - 14h00 Lunch Break 13h00 - 15h00 Lunch Break

    14h00 - 15h30
    European Cooperation Clinical Research
    Moderators: Camile Farah and Barbara Carey

     • 14:00h - Multicentre Clinical studies: the good, the bad and the ugly – Stefano Fedele (UK)
     • 14:25h - The design, funding, setting-up and delivery of Pan-European collaborative research – Andy Wolff (Israel)
     • 14:50h - Global clinical trials in Oral Medicine: how it is done by the Industry. Lars Siim Madsen, Chief Operating Officer, Afyx Therapeutics (Denmark).
     • 15:15h - Discussion

    15:35 h - 16h00: Coffee Break

     16h00 - 17h30
    Panel on Global Cooperation in Oral Medicine
    Moderators: Nikolaos Nikitakis and Luis Monteiro

     • 16:00 - Nikolaos G. Nikitakis (EAOM President)
     • 16:10 - Andres Pinto (AAOM President)
     • 16:20 - Fabio Pires (AIPMB President)
     • 16:30 - Arwa Farag (WWOM Representative)
     • 16:40 - Ramesh Balasubramaniam (OMAA President)

     • 16:50 - 17:30 Discussion Panel:
    Our Guest Speakers and Marco Carrozzo (Past EAOM President), Michael Escudier (EAOM President Elect), Jairo Robledo (EAOM Secretary-General), Antonio Mano Azul and Luis Monteiro (Chair and Co-Chair Local Organizing Committee)

    15h00 - 17h30
    Systemic diseases and the mouth
    Moderators: Michael Escudier and Stephen Flint

     • 15:00h - Oral side effects of various systemic medications – Michael Escudier
     • 15:25h - Medication-related osteonecrosis of the jaws – Paolo Vescovi (Italy)

     15:50 h - 16h15: Coffee Break

     • 16:15h - Covid 19 : Implications for Oral Medicine – Stephen Porter (UK)
     • 16:40h - Oral complications of antineoplastic treatment - Sook-Bin Woo (USA)

     • 17:05h - 17h20 - Discussion

    17:30 h. Next EAOM meeting presentation  
    17:45 h. Closing of the Congress - Awards  
    Time Oral Presentations - ROOM 3 Posters - ROOM 4
    24 h/24 h.

    Oral Presentations (Research and Clinical) 24h/24 hours

    Poster Sessions 24h/24 hours

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